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  • Choosing a cleaning company

    Naturally, when hiring a cleaning company, we all want the best quality service at the most competitive prices but it’s not always easy to choose which cleaning company would best suit our cleaning requirements when there are just so many available.

    Here are some tips to help you chose the right cleaning company for your commercial premise.

    Competitive prices. When deciding on cleaning companies ensure that their charges are reasonable and ask for a pricing structure so you can see where the money is being spent; many companies will charge much higher prices for the same standard of work and often pay their staff the very minimum pay rate.

    High standards. Make sure the company you choose guarantees a high standard of work, read their policies and quality control procedure thoroughly and even their customer reviews so you can get a feel of what the company will offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all it’s you who will be paying for their service.

    Health and Safety. Always ensure that their staffs are fully conversant with Health and Safety regulations and procedures and have been trained in COSHH practice and prevention. This safe guards both you and your employees and the cleaning company staff.

    CRB Checked. It’s always advisable to make sure the staff are CRB checked (where possible/or as necessary) and have been thoroughly screened and vetted by the cleaning company prior to employment.

    Trained staff. All staff should be trained to a high standard and should be fully aware of the correct cleaning procedures for each designated task. Ideally the staff will have had substantial previous experience in the same line of work and will adhere to their company regulations and policy at all times.

    Complete Clean. Some cleaning companies will offer an all-round cleaning service to cover every aspect of your business cleaning requirements . It’s always worth looking out for these companies as this enables you to consolidate all your other cleaning contracts into one package, providing convenience and saving you a considerable amount of money.

    Environmentally aware. It is imperative that the cleaning company of your choosing promotes environmentally friendly practices with staff trained to undertake their tasks in the most energy efficient manner possible with the use of low energy and water consumption equipment and using only eco-friendly cleaning products produced from sustainable sources.